How To Increase The Strength and Stamina Of Your Erection In 12 Simple Ways…

 images3 How To Increase The Strength and Stamina Of Your Erection In 12 Simple Ways…

Do you desire to last longer in bed and enjoy intense, pleasurable sex for a long time?

If you answered YES to the above question, then count yourself lucky to be on this page at this time. YES, count yourself lucky

Lasting longer in bed is every man’s carnal desire. We all want to have an exciting sexual relationship with our partner; but the question is how do you increase the strength and stamina of your erection?

These are some of the issues we’ll be dealing on today.

How To Maximize Your Erection To Last Longer In Bed.

Foreplay Often

Most Nigerian men fail to understand the importance of foreplay.

It warms you up before intercourse. Infact, research confirms that foreplay not only helps to strengthen erection, but it also helps your woman achieve orgasm faster…

Eat Lots And Lots Of Carb

To have a full blown erection for a long time, your body needs a good amount of Carbohydrates…

Loading your body with carbohydrate rich foods like carb, pasta, and bread is one of the best ways to effortlessly have multiple rounds of sex with your partner.

Avoid Tight Pants… Lol

If you love wearing tight pants, consider changing them because, they reduce the blood flow towards the penile tissues—thus, weakening your erection.

So, rather than wear those tight underwear’s; get loose pants…

Eat Lots Of Fruits And Vegetable

To have rock hard erection during intercourse, load up your diet with fruits and vegetable.

Medical research confirms that eating loads of fruits and vegetables helps fill up the blood vessels in your penis—to give stronger and harder erection and it also helps to reduce the presence of cholesterol in your bloodstream.

Eat Dark Chocolates Regularly…

Dark chocolates increase blood flow to the penis.

To have a rock hard penis during sex, practice eating dark  chocolates with high level of cocoa, and low level of  sugar…

I know you’re busy… but reduce Stress..

I know how stressful and tasking it can be; especially if you work a 9-5 day job.

It’s challenging.

Most times, you wake up as early as 4am getting prepared for work; and come back home by late night. No time to think; not to talk of having sex with your wife.

Excessive stress increases the level of adrenaline hormone in the body which can contact your blood vessels. This can weaken, and automatically stop you from having erection.

Thus, avoid stress. Do your best to have a good sex life.

Avoid Fatty Meals Before Sex…

Excess fat consumption lowers the testosterone level in the body, which further leads to low libido and make an erection difficult to occur.

Stay off fatty foods before sex. Don’t make your partner go mad due to your ability to perform well in bed. A word is enough for the wise…

Eat Healthy Stuff…

Eat healthy foods and avoid overeating. Eat at least an hour before sex. It could be something light; just ensure you take something and ensure the food has digested properly before having sex.

Failure to do this might result to slow blood circulation in the penis—which’ll affect erection.

Sleep Well…

Sleeping for 5-7 hours daily helps prevent hormone disruptions. Adequate 7 hour sleep is vital for a man’s sexual potency. It determines how long a man can go in bed.

Tip: get adequate sleep. Sleep when you’re supposed to. You need it

Abstain from Alcohol

Alcohol consumption leads to numbness of the body, erectile dysfunction and ineffective blood flow.

If you can’t do without drinking alcohol, then forget about an exciting sexual relationship with your partner! Excessive drinking of alcohol can destroy your sexual life.

If your alcohol is more important to you than your relationship, then continue with being an alcohol drinker.

Quit alcohol. Save your relationship.


Meditation is a thing of the mind.

It slows down your stress level; and it helps with rock hard erection. Medical research also confirms that mediation—especially in the morning increases the oxygen level in your blood flow.

Exercise… Make it become a part of you

If you desire a fulfilling sex life, reduce stress; enhance testosterone production, better erection, and better sex life, then exercise more often.

It’s the secret to having an active sexual life. It’s my secret; and it’s the secret of most active Nigerian men.

Tip: a long walk in the morning doesn’t hurt. Try it!

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