What Your Woman Want You To Do In Bed (But Won’t Tell You–Part 1)

images What Your Woman Want You To Do In Bed (But Won’t Tell You  Part 1)


Do you know there’re things your woman wants you to do in bed?

Common! Guess…

You might be thinking: ‘’ Maybe she wants more foreplay; or more kissing’’…

Well, you guessed right; but that’s not all there’s to it.

When it comes to making your woman love the things you do in bed, you need to make her feel the things you do to her… psychologically.

You need to learn the art of ‘’sex persuasion’’

What Women Want In Bed (It’s not what you think)

Sex is not about getting naked in front of each other to get ready for action. No, it’s far more than that.

If you want to have wild, passionate sex with your woman and make her love the things you do to her in bed, you need to do more than just drop your pants.

The reason why most men don’t last more than 1 round in bed is because they only focus on the aspect of lovemaking and nothing else.

If you’re wondering what women want in bed, keep the following things in mind. Your woman might just want you to try any of them! Who knows?

Focus On Making Her Feel Emotionally Connected To You

This is important.

In a relationship where you’ve had sex several times, you always need to focus on making her feel connected to you.

What do I mean?

Make her feel loved. Caress her (even in the kitchen). Speak to her lovingly. Kiss her all over her ears and face. Give her a massage. Whisper nothing but words that’ll make her fall, more for you.

If you’re a married man, or into a serious relationship, this is once in a lifetime opportunity to trigger your relationship. Get this right and she’ll fall more in love with you.

Are You From Russia? Take It Easy…

Do you know why it seems almost impossible for you to last more than 2 minutes in bed?

It’s because of one thing: You rush……..

Common! Enjoy sex.

Don’t drop your pants rushing for her ‘’engine room’’

Kiss… Caress…spend more time on foreplay.

By spending more time on foreplay, you’ll reduce the chances of losing an erection or ejaculating quickly.

Wet her. Enjoy sex a lot more. Don’t rush. Are you from Russia?

She needs the ‘’W.I.L.D. YOU’’. Give it to her!

Make Her Go Crazy…

Do you know women have an active imagination?

If you can create the fantasies she’ll enjoy, she’ll do anything you instruct her to do in bed.

Stimulate her mind into thinking dirty and naughty.

Talk to her about the first night you both had sex as couples. Remind her about the time you guys did something wild outside the house. How you guys made love in the bathroom.

See, women love dirty talk. Don’t be deceived. Don’t say to yourself: ‘’ how I wish my woman is naturally naughty’’. No. Women are born naughty. Most pretend. Trust me.

Even the religious ones. They just need a push. Push her.

Learn which fantasies turn her on more. Use those fantasies while having sex with her.

Your woman needs a MR. ENDOWED. Are you one?

Your Turn To Dazzle Me!

I’ll continue with this series tomorrow, or next week. Now that you know what your woman wants in bed, what are you waiting for?

Try to make sure she has a great time with you. Focus more on her pleasure and you’ll end up feeling on top!

That reminds me of one of D’banj’s song: ‘’I’m on top of the world’’.

Don’t mind me.  I can be naughty at times.

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